Bullseye Scholars Program

Pro bono college advising for lower-income and first-generation students.

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50 Exceptional Students
Completely Free
Detailed College App Guidance
Peer-Advisor Engagement
Committed to Inclusivity & Diversity
Excellent Support.

How It Works

Since its inception, Bullseye Admissions has been deeply committed to giving back to the community, and ensuring equity between socio-economic and ethnic groups in the college application process. To achieve that, Bullseye has committed to supporting 50 Bullseye Scholars every admissions cycle. Chosen through an application process, these students have demonstrated a commitment to engage fully in their relationship with both their cohort of peers and their advisor to ensure the best possible outcome. Encompassing a lecture, small cohort, and individual format, the Bullseye Scholars Program aims to meet each individual student's college application needs while also providing the support necessary to sustain a successful journey between high school and college. Designed to offer concrete, factual and detail specific guidance on the college application process, the Bullseye Scholars Program will allow the flexibility for advisors to both assess and work with the students' specific areas of interest and need. The advisors selected to work with Bullseye Scholars are deeply committed to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and are excited to help each and every Bullseye Scholar attain a successful outcome in the application process.


Bullseye scholar Yonas and his family moved from Ethiopia to Chicago five years ago. He was determined to get the best education he could while in America, but didn't know very much about the American education system. Yonas' Bullseye advisor helped him through the college applications process - from application essays to scholarship interview preparations. For Yonas, Bullseye was a confidence boost and lent a sense of security to the college journey. Yonas received a QuestBridge scholarship and will be attending Bowdoin College.
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Being accepted to a top school in the United States was always the dream for Amara, but because her mother did not attend college and her older siblings opted for the community college route, she had more than a few questions about where to start. With no one in her family able to give her advice, and with her being one of more than 1000 students at her high school, Amara looked for other ways of getting help with the college application process. Amara found Bullseye and, with the help of her advisor, will be attending Northeastern University as a Ujima Global Leader.
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Applications have closed.

Applicants will be notified no later than August 15 via email.